Three Tips for Effective Outdoor Business Signage in Springfield, Illinois

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Three Rules for Effective Outdoor Business Signage in Springfield, Illinois

With the emergence of digital marketing and the attention paid to mobile devices, it is more important that ever to make your outdoor business signage stand out. There is a great deal of marketing noise everywhere you look. Unless someone is driving, nearly everyone in a vehicle is paying attention to their mobile device of choice. In this environment, what can you do to get across an effective message with your signage? We wanted to offer these three critical tips to ensure your money is well spent and your sign gets noticed.

Three Tips to Achieve Effective Outdoor Business Signage
    1. Keep it Simple – It will be hard enough to get someone to actually look up from their mobile device to see your sign. Once they do, they need to be able to understand within seconds what you are selling and how it might be relevant to them. This can be a combination of text, pictures and graphics. If someone looks at your sign for 3-5 seconds, will the message get across?
    2. Use Big Text – Similar to the point above, make it easy for the consumer to read. The larger the text, the easier it is to read and understand.
    3. Use Colors That Covey The Proper Image – The colors you use on your sign can play into the message you are sending. Make sure you choose wisely. You can learn more about how color impacts marketing and branding by reading the article HERE.

We hope this brief article helps you understand how effective outdoor business signage can be achieved even in an environment with a great deal of noise. If you have any questions about this article or and would like to discuss business signage with the pros at Signature Signs & Design, call us today at 217-271-1775. We look forward to hearing from you! We are the #1 company for business signs in the Jacksonville and Springfield areas of Illinois.

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