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Creating Memorable Business Signage in Springfield, Illinois

We recently came across this article in Entrepreneur Magazine by Roy H. Williams that is entitled “Creating Memorable Business Signs”. We thought that it had some good insight, so we wanted to share this with you. The author discusses mistakes to avoid and things that attributes that good business signage includes. Here are the main points.

The five most common mistakes made in business-sign design are:

  1. attempting to be understated or elegant;
  2. attempting to “fit,” or blend into, the surrounding environment;
  3. underspending;
  4. including too much information; and
  5. placing the sign too high. (The eyes of drivers tend to stay focused at windshield height. Low signs are better in town. Tall signs are better on freeways where they’ll be read–at windshield height–from great distances.)

Great signs are always the most interesting piece of scenery in their vicinity. This is why they’re noticed even when people aren’t looking for them.

We have discussed many of these in other articles on this site, but found this list to be a nice, concise way to make sure you argent headed down a wrong path when it comes to your business signage. So, if that is what to avoid, what should I be looking for?

Keep these common denominators of business signs that do become landmarks in mind:

  • They’re dramatic – This can be due to the fact that they’re:
    • Grossly oversized
    • Strangely placed
    • 3-dimensional
    • The Hollywood sign fits all three criteria
  • They’re different – Contrasting sharply with their surroundings due to:
    • Color – For example, snow-white Hollywood letters against a hillside of dark brown and green.
    • Installation – The famous Hollywood sign isn’t on a pole or a board. Its individual letters sit directly on the ground.
    • Context – There’s nothing immediately around it to distract from it. Or if there is something important nearby, it’s incorporated into the sign itself.
  • There’s something “wrong” with it – Ever notice how the Hollywood letters aren’t level, but rise and fall with the terrain? This makes it far more memorable.

We hope this summary of the article is helpful to you if you are considering some new business signage. If you would like to read the entire article, click HERE. If you have any questions about this article or and would like to discuss business signage with the pros at Signature Signs & Design, contact us today at 217-271-1775. We look forward to hearing from you! We are the #1 company for business signs in the Jacksonville and Springfield areas of Illinois.

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