Exterior Lighted Sign Repair and Refurbishment for O’Reilly Auto Parts

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Exterior Lighted Sign Repair and Refurbishment for O'Reilly Auto Parts

Your sign is likely the first impression someone has on your location. Signage that is not working properly or is in need of a refurbishment is not a positive reflection on the business or establishment the sign represents. Our company offers lighted sign repair like we did for this O’Reilly Auto Parts location.

This sign needed both a repair and a refurbishment. The first thing we did was to repaired the electrical shorts and replace the burnt out sockets. We then replaced all the bulbs and put new exterior faces on the sign. Now is sign represents this O’Reilly location in a positive way and can be used for marketing messages to those driving by.

Check out the picture slideshow below to see just some of the pictures from this project.

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If you would like more information about how Signature Signs & Design can help your company with their lighted sign repair or any other signage needs, contact us. We can create refresh the signage you already have like we did here or create a brand new sign for you. If you have any questions, call us today at 217-271-1775 or reach us by sending a message HERE. We create signage for a wide variety of applications and look forward to hearing from you! Your options are nearly only limited by your imagination. We are the #1 company for business signs and branding in the Jacksonville and Springfield, Illinois area and would be happy to help with your signage needs.

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