3 Tips For Effective Outdoor Business Signage in the Jacksonville, IL Area

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3 Tips For Effective Outdoor Business Signage in the Jacksonville, Illinois Area

I think we can all agree that with the digital distractions in our lives, the typical person’s attention span is pretty short. In order to have an effective outdoor business sign, you need to cut through the noise and grab someone’s attention. With that in mind, we compiled three tips so you can create outdoor business signage that gets noticed and drives the intended action.

    • Choose the Right Location – This seems obvious, but often people become confused on what is important. You might choose the busiest road in town to place your sign, but you may not be noticed because of other distractions in the area. The first thing to determine is who you want to reach with the intended message. Then choose a location most likely to reach your intended audience in a place where they have time to consume the message.If you reach the intended audience, but they are distracted by a busy intersection or other things, they will not have time to consume the message. Likewise, if your signage is in a spot where the people passing by have time to consume it, but they are not the target audience, that isn’t good either. You must have both. The proper audience with the time to consume your message.
    • Keep the Message Simple – Continuing from the point above, people cannot consume a complicated message easily. The goal of the signage is merely to get them to contact you for more information. You are not trying to completely sell them on your product or service with just the content on the sign. You merely want the sign to grab their attention and give them direction on how to take action. When considering messaging, think fast and simple.
    • Stay True to Your Brand – Your sign should be a reflection of your overall company brand. If your company is a conservative, professional company, your signage should look that way also. If your company is more creative and out of the box, make sure your signage shows that. The important thing is that the sign does not deviate from who you are as a company. If someone is attracted to the sign, that branding and messaging has built a certain expectation. When they reach out to you, if the reality deviates from the image the sign conveyed, it will cause confusion. So, whether it be mild or wild, make sure your signage stays true to your brand.

We hope these three tips help you when considering how to implement effective outdoor business signage. If you have any questions about the sign location, messaging or design, call us today at 217-271-1775. Our professional staff will provide a comprehensive consultation to ensure your outdoor business signage is effective. From concept to completion, Signature Signs & Design will be with you every step of the way. Find out why we are the #1 source for signs, branding and design in the Jacksonville and Springfield, Illinois area.

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