The Three “Be”s for Creating an Engaging Outdoor Business Sign in Illinois

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The Three "Be"s for Creating an Engaging Outdoor Business Sign in Jacksonville and Springfield, Illinois

Having your sign stand out from the crowd might not be as tough as these companies have it in Times Square. However, with all the distractions people are dealing with in their vehicles and on their phones these days, it is hard to really catch someone’s attention with an outdoor business sign. You need something that will stand out from the crowd, grab potential customer’s attention and present your business in the proper way. With this is mind, we created this list of three tips to create an engaging outdoor sign for your business that gets noticed.

1) Be Readable – Keep in mind that someone will likely be driving by your sign. They will not have time, or will potentially be able to make out small text. Keep the information on the sign large and easy to read and understand from a distance and while moving.

2) Be Brief – You only have seconds to grab the attention of someone passing by and convey your message to them. While the tendency is to try and integrate more information, keep it short and easy to digest. Try to boil your message down so that within 3-5 seconds someone can know what you do as they drive by.

3) Be in the Right Spot – You know the old real estate saying about location. Well, the same holds true for your signage. Spend time to understand the traffic patterns and where people look while passing your business or the proposed sign location. Make sure that the sign can be seen from a distance and that it is not blocked by other signs, buildings or things like trees if possible. The best sign design in the world is useless if no one see it.

We hope this brief list of things to consider when considering an outdoor business sign was helpful. If you have any questions about the sign design or positioning and would like to discuss this topic with the pros at Signature Signs & Design, call us today at 217-271-1775 or email us at Our professional staff will provide a comprehensive consultation to ensure you get your business’s message across. From concept to completion, Signature Signs & Design will be with you every step of the way. Find out why we are the #1 source for signs, branding and design in the Jacksonville, Illinois area.

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